What Our Customers are Saying

From a Physician Who Specializes in the Treatment of Skin Cancer
"By the way, thank you for a great product. As someone who sees people die yearly from skin cancer, I cannot thank you enough for such a great product, and will continue to recommend it to my patients. Thanks for your help."
-- Dermatologist, Port Charlotte, FL

Best investment ever
"When I think of all the extras that I bought, from hardware to electronics, none provides more bang for the buck than the T-Top Extender.  It's always in use and never fails!"

A life saver--Shade Protection for Boats
Skin cancer survivor states "the T-Top Extender allowed me to continue boating.  Thanks!"

Just great
"Allows us to use ALL of our boat!"

Shade Tops for Boats--Lots of Shade
"The T-Top Extender"  offers a massive amount of shade.  I was prepared for some additional shade.  I didn't realize that it would be 7 feet long!  Outstanding!"

Simple shade on demand--Shade Tops for Boats
"Love it!  So easy to use that the kids can put it up and take it down"

Much Better than my Umbrella
"I was using one of those umbrellas marketed for boat use.  It was flimsy too small and a real problem to secure.  Just awful.  Your T Top Boat Shades are the real solution"

Fisherman-Shades for Boats
"This product is great, fishing has never been cooler"

Easy installation
"Goes up in minutes. There are no vertical poles no tippy umbrella, no snaps, straps or hooks to install"

Lunch in the shade
"Now our family can enjoy lunch in a cool shaded area of our boat"

Trolling with a Boat Shade
"We can troll in comfort all day long"

Family boating--Sun Protection for Boats
"Now that we have adequate shade, the family wants to join me on the water"