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Best investment ever
"When I think of all the extras that I bought, from hardware to electronics, none provides more bang for the buck than the T-Top Extender.  It's always in use and never fails!"

A life saver
Skin cancer survivor states: "The T-Top Extender allowed me to continue boating. Thanks!"

Just great
"Allows us to use ALL of our boat!"

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 T-Top Extender Issues Press Release

For the first time a product has been introduced that extends the shade coverage of your existing T-Top that is both attractive and practical.  The T-Top Extender  provides complete solar protection from bow to stern allowing you to use and enjoy all of your boat. The bow extender projects up to 7 feet forward and the stern model extends 5 feet to the rear. Both are adjustable to suit your needs. The extensions integrate seamlessly with your existing T-Top through the use of low profile high grade aluminum mounts. Made of the highest quality components, the T-Top Extender can stand up to the harsh marine environment.  The mounts are machined from a solid block of 6063 grade aluminum and the support poles a 7/8 inch in diameter. All Aluminum parts are anodized and additional hardware is made of 316 stainless steel. The fabric is heavy duty stretch polyester which is washable and trouble free.  The T-Top Extender provides simple unobstructed shade that does not interfere with your fishing or boating activities and easily stores above your T-Top when not in use.

Visit www.t-topextender.com.

Cruising the Bay

We've been out and about in our T-TopExtender boat, talking with fellow boat owners.  The response has been more than we hoped for.....people can't believe it.  We've got a great solution to their sun and heat problems.  We hope to see you out there, but checking things out on our website is the next best thing.  Contact us with any questions you might have.

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