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Shade for Boats--From a Physician Who Specializes in the Treatment of Skin CancerT top boat sade
"By the way, thank you for a great product. As someone who sees people die yearly from skin cancer, I cannot thank you enough for such a great product, and will continue to recommend it to my patients. Thanks for your help." --Dermatologist, Port Charlotte, FL

Best investment ever T top boat shade
"When I think of all the extras that I bought, from hardware to electronics, none provides more bang for the buck than the T-Top Extender.  It's always in use and never fails!"

Shade and Protection b
Skin cancer survivor states: "The T-Top Extender allowed me to continue boating.  A great boat shade extender".  Thanks!"

Shade Tops for Boatsboat shade, t-top de
"Allows us to use ALL of our boat!.  A perfect boat awning for all kinds of weather.  Great sun shade."

Much Better than my Umbrella
"I was using one of those umbrellas marketed for boat use.  It was flimsy too small and a real problem to secure.  Just awful.  Your T Top Boat Shades are the real solution"

eeTopextender, Tee-top-extender
Read More of What Our Users Say about how T-Top Extends their Bimini Shades Providing the Ultimate in Boat Shades....

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We have included information that will help you understand the function, quality, and versatility of the T-Top Extender sun shade.  If you're ready to buy or have further questions about our boat shade extender, call or email us.

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Shade Protection for Boats

The original T TopExtender is the best boat shade extension for your boat's T-Top.   The best boat cover you can get to shade yourself and your passengers.

Leading edge design and construction for maximum boat shade

How it Works

How it Works

Read more about how to install and store the T-Top Extender to increase your boat shade dramatically.boat shade



Sizes and Colors

Check to see what size is perfect for extending your boat's T-Top. Expand your boat shade to the level of a large bimini shade!


Now available in while, black and navy blue!


Why T-Top Extender

Why the T-Top Extender is Your Best Choice

Find out about why our combination of quality, design, materials, and ease of use make T-Top your very best choice.