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"When I think of all the extras that I bought, from hardware to electronics, none provides more bang for the buck than the T-Top Extender.  It's always in use and never fails!"

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Skin cancer survivor states: "The T-Top Extender allowed me to continue boating. Thanks!"

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"Allows us to use ALL of our boat!"

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Installing and Using Your T-Top Extender

Canvas Top-Bow Extender:  The mounts are installed on both the port and starboard sides of the T-Top approximately 3:-6" behind the front tube of the T-Top halo.  First, position the plastic bushings (choose from bushings enclosed) on the port and starboard halo between the webbing of the T-Top.  Next, place the mounts on top of the bushings.  You will need to install the mounts (tight fit in some cases).  Once the tops of the mounts are in place, secure them to the halo by attaching the bottom of the mounts un=sing the screws and pressure washers provided.

Hard Top-Bow Extender:  Install the mounts on the port and starboard forward corners of your T-Top.  Position the mounts approximately 3: from the front, and as close to the side edges as possible with the mount holes facing forward.  Please note, some hard tops have a pitch to the front or side.  Shims are provided to level the mounts.  Once you have determined the proper location of your mounts, drill holes through the T-Top and insert the screws through the base of the mounts (and shims if necessary).  Secure to the underside of the T-Top with the provided washers and nuts.
Once both mounts are in place, insert the 5' aluminum pole into the upper hole of the mount.  Insert until the pole is flush with the back of the mount.  Repeat the procedure for the opposite mount.  When installing the bow extender, the bent tips on the aluminum poles must face each other in a horizontal fashion.  Next, tighten the thumbscrews on the mounts to secure the poles.
The next step is very important.  You have been provided with a high quality, stretch polyester fabric.  This fabric has three sleeves.  Determine which sleeve best suites your T-Top width and slide the fabric completely over one of the two poles.  Once you have done this, all the fabric will be gathered on one of the poles and will look like a drape.  Next, join the two fiberglass poles. Carefully insert one end into the bent tip of the aluminum pole, slowly bend and insert the other tip into the end of the opposite pole. Your frame is now complete.
Pull the fabric forward, sliding it like a shower curtain until you have evenly distributed the fabric over the entire frame.  Pull the fabric towards the T-Top until the fabric is snug and is very close to or touches both mounts.  Adjust and stretch the fabric for a finished look.  If the fabric sags a bit, then you have used an improper sleeve.  Please go back and use the correct sleeve.  The fabric can be stretched and should always be snug for best results.  Once you have determined which sleeve fits best, you can use that sleeve every time.
Stern Extender:  This kit does not contain fiberglass poles.  Simply follow the above instructions for installation of the mounts by attaching the mounts to the stern of your T-Top.  Next, install the straight aluminum poles into the mounts until flush with the back of the mounts and tighten thumbscrews to secure poles.  Finally, slide fabric over the poles using the proper sleeve until fabric is stretched tightly over the frame.  You can extend the fabric either over or under your rod holders.


Storing your Extender

  1. For bow extender, slide the entire fabric onto one of the aluminum poles.
  2. Carefully remove and store fiberglass poles
  3. Pull fabric completely off the aluminum pole and store.
  4. Release the thumbscrews on the mounts and slide the poles back 80% of their length.  Tighten thumbscrews on all mounts.  Your extender is now stored above your T-Top ready for the next use.  Make sure you tighten thumbscrews securely because vibrations can loosen screws and poles can slide off. Repeat this procedure for your stern extender.  If you have both bow and stern extenders, they can be stored above your T-Top, ready for their next use.
  5. Wash the hardware down with fresh water after each use if exposed to salt spray and coat with a corrosion inhibitor such as WD-40, Lanocote, or other product suitable for preventing metal corrosion in a marine environment.

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